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We produce our boats in the modern factory buildings, specially built by us for these purposes. They are located in the nearest suburb of Samara city - one of the biggest cities on the great river Volga.

At all stages of production using modern technologies and materials - from the design study and construction of 3D-CAD-model to the finish color in the professional coloring and drying chamber. Sawing is made on CNC machines, the assembly of the boat ona rigid jig specifying the exact geometry of the body.

15,000 m2

The area of own land for production

3,800 m2

The area of own production and warehouse space



Modern equipment of an industrial class

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Many years of large-scale production experience

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A large staff of top notch professionals

Advanced methods of engineering and quality control

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Spacious, well-lit workshops especially equipped for crafting boats

Every detail is important

Many hours of workshop testing for each new model

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